We provide superior creative graphic design and illustration skills. It’s our belief that the Designer is the creative extension of the client, helping to present pertinent information in an eye catching form that is both approachable and memorable. Whether the project is casual or professional, serene or extreme, urban or western, we  adapt our visual “voice” to suit the needs of the subject. Take a gander through our portfolio categories… hopefully something will inspire you! Call on us to help from logos to complex websites in both digital and print media. Email us with your design needs!

We use industry standard graphics programs such as Adobe CS: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver | Microsoft Office | WordPress | iMovie |


Because of the significance of vision in human development, vision and cognition have become closely interrelated… hence interjecting the terms seeing for understanding and view for opinion. That’s because over 70% of all sensory information sent to the brain comes through the eyes! (except in the sight impaired.) Sound, Taste, Touch, and Smell COMBINE to make the other 30%. And the area of the brain that processes that information, the visual cortex, accounts for 50% of all brain function! G. Miller recognized that by organizing items into categorical unity, or chunks, we can stretch an apparent short-term memory bottleneck of about 3% of all information, and gain better retention. At Lael Alon Designs, we excel at Information Design; making complex information intuitive to access through charts, visual aids, and maps.

That’s why it’s so important to hire a trained and talented designer to help you with your visual communications! Because graphics are the simplest and most powerful instrument for communication and reasoning!


Besides good communications, we really enjoy getting our hands dirty making some great up cycled or other wise eco-concious product. So, when you don’t find us at the computer, we’re off printing fabric, sewing, glueing, nailing, painting, drawing, and all the while dreaming! While we do work on brand new surfaces, like t-shirts or canvases, we really take great pride in refashioning what would otherwise be waste into wonderful and useful designer items with our very own hands! There’s nothing like giving neglected items new life and knowing that we have helped reduce waste while staying chic!


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