Lael Alon Design Studio excels at Information Design; making complex information and concepts approachable, intuitive to access, and memorable.




EYE = ATTENTION : Get professional visual help securing attention for and confidence in your brand.

Well considered and applied graphics represent the simplest and most powerful instrument for communication by striking attention to your cause and conveying your message in an instant.

Over 70% of all sensory information sent to the brain comes through the eyes! (except in the sight impaired.) sound, taste, touch, and smell combine to make the other 30%. That’s why you need to make the most of this communication medium.


SEE = UNDERSTAND : Use experience talent to convey your message for maximum comprehension.

Grouping, hierarchy, and tangible correlation represent a few of the techniques, which in the hands of a talented professional, makes your outreach and brand presence efforts effective.

G. Miller recognized that by organizing items into categorical unity, or chunks, we can stretch an apparent short-term memory bottleneck of about 3% of all information, and gain better retention. You don’t have to know all the tricks, just hire someone who does.


VIEW = OPINION : Leave a lasting impression on your audience and keep them coming back for more.

Use every resource available to ensure your audience not only relates your intended message to your identity, but also that they associate your brand and call to action to themselves!

The visual cortex, accounts for 50% of all brain function! Because of this significance of vision in human development, vision and cognition have become closely interrelated… hence interjecting the terms seeing for understanding and view for opinion.





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