Mike Winer’s 70th Birthday Party Memories


Thank you all for helping to celebrate Mike’s 70th Birthday!

Below are a few photos taken during the party by several people. (thanks for sharing everyone!) And, even if a few are blurry, they are still well worth posting, as we all know it was an actively bustling night!




Thank you, Mike & Lael, for including me in the celebration of Mike’s grand achievement of 70 (often) glorious years of working toward that noble ideal of becoming a whole, fully-evolved person, and other than a few hiccups along the way (Damn feet! Damn fingers!) he did it!  Yay!  Now there is nothing more to do but, perhaps, to take a nap.  Or two… Mike was dashing and delightful while basking in last night’s outpouring of communal love, Lael’s designs for the email invitations were superb and she was a most excellent party orchestrator and co-hostess, the food was lip-smackin’ delicious…”

~ That Darn Doug.



It sure was a very nice party!!!  It was very apparent, you are loved. Enjoy the memories!!! Big Hug!!!

~ Jerry

Mike's Birthday #5 Mike's Birthday #6 Mike's birthday #4

I have to say, your birthday party was so nice – I just loved that you incorporated a dance into it, how lovely! I sincerely wish you a wonderful year ahead.

— Toby Joy Zelt



We want to extend our thanks to you for a wonderful evening.  We both had a great time, and enjoyed the company and amazing food and drink you generously provided.  We felt honored to be with you for the celebration.  We’re looking forward to Lael’s page when she gets it completed.

~ Chris and Bob


Mike's Birthday #3

It was absolutely wonderful coming to see you and spend time in a gathering of a lot of different people coming together. That was not surprising given all the people you’ve known over the years. Nice to see faces we know and new ones, too. Thank you for having us share the celebration with you.

— Rochelle and Chris




Mike's birthday #1



Mike's Birthday #2


I loved your party.  mazel tov! Lynn kept saying too………  the food was perfect, delicious, the people really interested varied and wonderful to talk to, the dance so beautiful. And Lael, hold my loving heart!

thank you ~ me

(I have your loving heart safe and sound! btw!! xoxo)

photo (1)


Thank you again, everyone for helping to make this event a spectacularly memorable night (in the most pleasant of ways). Great vibes. Hope to see you all at his 75th!

Birthday Cards


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