Lael Alon, OriginOfTheNameThe Company

Lael Alon Design Studio, a sole proprietorship, offers CUSTOM CREATIVE SERVICES with big results by ENCAPSULATING your message and making it intuitive to understand so that when CAPTIVATING your audience, you leave an ENDURING impression.

Serving small to medium-large sized companies with a wide range of branding & communication design capabilities to establish or enhance ventures’ print and digital identity and outreach in both B2C and B2B arenas.

Specializing in Conceptual Information & Graphic Design, Logos & Branding, Illustration & Photo Manipulation, Brochures & Marketing Collateral, Books & Magazines, Front End UX Websites & Sitemaps, Apparel & Merchandise, + more.



Lael Alon, Owner & Designer

A visual and conceptual artist with formal training and over a decade of experience who enjoys problem solving and organizing to aid efficiency and comprehension. Spent early years traveling nationally and internationally, offering experiences of many environments, cultures, and style influences. A modern Renaissance woman with a passion for self-sufficient living practices and hobbies, including:

  • Horticulture: Gardening, permaculture, & landscape design
  • Culinary arts: baking, easy seasonal meals, and preserving foods
  • Fiber arts: Sewing & pattern making, natural dyes and inks, paper making, and bookmaking
  • Architecture: Residential & Commercial layout plans, developing building skills
  • Writing: Short-story fiction and biographies, instructional texts, poetry
  • Multi-Media: Jewelry making, wirework, basket making, ceramics, glasswork

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