Interior Hallway Graphite Drawing

Created by hand with only graphite pencils and a lot of time, this detailed drawing of an interior hallway demonstrates an understanding of skills with perspective, light and shadows, and observation. July 2001

Sun Stuff Brochure

Sun Stuff a pool and hot tub company required a new promotional brochure that highlighted some of their services and captured the feeling their products elicit… that of escape and relaxation. September 2008

Funky Mutt Brand, Logo & Business Card

Funky Mutt, a company producing handmade dog collars, leashes, and camera straps needed better brand identity to present an effective professional face. They had only a peace sign paw which they wanted to continue to use, and an illustration they liked the style of. Using conceptual design techniques, I crafted an updated logo and complementary…

Eye = Attention

Get professional visual help securing attention for and confidence in your brand. Well considered and applied graphics represent the simplest and most powerful instrument for communication by striking attention to your cause and conveying your message in an instant. Over 70% of all sensory information sent to the brain comes through the eyes! (except in…

See = Understand

Use experienced talent to convey your message for maximum comprehension. Grouping, hierarchy, and tangible correlation represent a few of the techniques, which in the hands of a talented professional, makes your outreach and brand presence efforts effective. G. Miller recognized that by organizing items into categorical unity, or chunks, we can stretch an apparent short-term…

View = Opinion

Leave a lasting impression on your audience and keep them coming back for more. Use every resource available to ensure your audience not only relates your intended message to your identity, but also that they associate your brand and call to action to themselves! the visual cortex, accounts for 50% of all brain function! Because of this,…

Love it Cards

Small designs, specifically made for gay pride theme. Meant to support gay pride. We hope no one is offended. June 2012

Asheville Marathon & Half Animated Ad

This animated skyscraper banner is to draw attention to the Asheville Marathon & Half at Biltmore Estate and fits within the submission file size requirements. August 2014

Travel Mug Skin

Done as a gift for my mother, this custom photo montage highlights edited elements from her travels and beloved family member on an object she ALWAYS has with her. August 2014