Lung Buster Race Tee

Comfy, classy race tee for the 5-part Lung Buster Time Trial Series by iDaph Events. April 2014


The Lung Buster Time Trials consist of 5 cycling events, three road races, and two grueling hill climbs. That’s what makes the end of season celebration all the more sweet for those athletes with the grit to participate! This pizza and beer celebration was highlighted in the invitation with a beer background and pizza wheels…

Lung Buster Time Trials Photo Editing

The Etowah 1 Time Trials, part of the Lung Buster Time Trial Series from iDaph Events, took a great photo of one of their participants at this years’ race. I photo edited the background to focus on the great face of the cyclist, and super imposed the race logo for consistent branding and race recognition….

IDaph LungBuster TT Weg Page Headers

With many pages, you need to know where you are, and what info you’ll find. A graphic, brand consistent header for your webpages is the best way to accomplish that. June 2013.