Mardi Gras Party Poster and Invitations

Okay, so it wasn’t really Mardi Gras, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it anyway, just like Scott and Marcy. The party was being held at a commercial location, and the couple wanted posters and invitations that matched the theme. Mardi Gras February 2005.

Woolworth Walk Print Ad

Woolworth Walk Gallery wanted a small, colorful ad to publish in a local paper. Working with previously designed imagery, I developed this small, but effective ad to draw attention and maintain cohesion. Published October 2004.

Woolworth Walk Soda Fountain Menu

What’s a brand new old timey soda fountain without a menu? Utilizing their previous full page ad as inspiration and staying with black and white for cost reasons made perfect sense. Fitting their large menu onto a single piece of paper that even old eyes could order off of, and featuring stories from the original…

Woolworth Walk Full Page Ad

Woolworth Walk, artist gallery, had ordered a full page ad in honor of the launch/re launch of it’s soda fountain, and needed something fun and modern while still representing the old time soda fountain feel. Working with the Rapid River’s ad executive, we developed a quirky and cost effective black and white solution to engage…

Woolworth Walk Inventory Sheets

Woolworth Walk, a 20,000 square foot fine arts gallery, was plagued with confusion amongst it’s artists when it came to inventory records and price tags. Woolworth provided hanging price labels to it’s artists, but none of the terms on the tags matched the terms on their antiquated inventory forms. We worked to systemize and brand…