Ohio Airport Tshirts

The Ohio Airport gift shop was so impressed with the sales of my shirt designs at the Asheville that they ordered some just for them. October 2007.

Gay Pride Ts

Gay pride week in Asheville and the retail store at the airport wanted sophisticated and hand made pride shirts to sell to the traveling proud. I devised this block print and the rainbow printing method to fill their design needs. September 2006.

Blue Smoke Coffee Long Sleeves and Hoodies

Well when winter comes around, and t-shirts won’t cut the chill, a good organic hemp/cotton blend long sleeve shirt and, or complimenting bamboo full zip hoodie will keep employees and favorite customers as warm and eco friendly as the coffee they sell. October 2007.

Ethos Band T-shirt Design

A local garage band, Ethos, was stepping up in the world and needed a shirt designed for sales and promotion. This design, a old man tree, features their signature bird. Created as a block print and transferred to screen printing. Created November 2006.

Blue Smoke Coffee Block Print Shirts

Kevin Price, owner of Blue Smoke Coffee, wanted a small run of organic help and cotton shirts to promote his sustainable business. I made a version of his logo as a two color hand carved block print to work with his limited edition orders. Blocks carved and shirts printed in my studio. Carved November 2006.