Carolina Cycle Centers Merge Notification

When a motorcycle shop needs to let it’s loyal customers know that it’s merging it’s 3 separate shop pages into one cycle center community page, what better way than to use a merging road sign. I used their branding in the form of their logos, and illustrated it to look like a motorcycle , and…

Shame On Grain Illustrated Lesson

To complete graduation, I had to research and write a paper, do a project, and give a presentation. My thesis was Visual Perception, which is how I came to quantify and qualify the power of visual communications.  I practiced my theories in my project, a book titled Shame on Grain, by taking scientific information, a…

Book Illustrations

Hired to develop the illustration spread for a collaboration handbook. Here’s a peek at the landscape backgrounds. Four quarters clockwise from top left: Hill Country, Forest, Fertile Plain, Marshland. June 2011.

More For Less Publishing Book Cover

Pocket guide book cover designed as a template for easy updating to each new location for More for Less Publishing. Background image I photographed of my own behind. Photoshop filters and Illustrator magic to finish the cover design. June 2003

Mardi Gras Party Poster and Invitations

Okay, so it wasn’t really Mardi Gras, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it anyway, just like Scott and Marcy. The party was being held at a commercial location, and the couple wanted posters and invitations that matched the theme. Mardi Gras February 2005.

Impact! Illustrations

Illustration and set of characters representing a wide variety of people for office place collateral. September 2001