LPC Triathlon logo and banner

iDaph Events produces the LPC Triathlon, and for 2014 were going retro, so this logo and website banner showcases the event, location, and other race details in a retro-fantastic design. October 2013


Race partner, and running experts, Chi-Running created custom designed training packages for beginner and intermediate participants who were either local or coming from a long distance. Package Badges and a Chi-Training Call to Action button. September 2013

Carolina Kids MultiSport Series Awards

Kids who participate in any or all six of the Carolina Kids MultiSport Series Events, designed and produced by iDaph Events, deserve something more fun, vibrant, and kid appropriate as an award for crossing the finish line. This variation on the series logo was designed for production in a flexible and slightly rubbery plastic that…

Asheville Marathon & Half Ambassadors

It’s never too early to start touting the news of the 2015 season of iDaph Events’ Asheville Marathon & Half on Biltmore Estate, especially to find and then set loose the enthusiastic Asheville Marathon Ambassadors who will apply their badges, share their discounts, and spread the local and social media word about the next years’ great…