Travel Mug Skin

Done as a gift for my mother, this custom photo montage highlights edited elements from her travels and beloved family member on an object she ALWAYS has with her. August 2014

iDaph Events Race Towel

Branded with the iDaph Events logo, this simple towel design was crated as a great give away. Scroll down. there’s art there… promise. May 2014

Biltmore Kiwanis Classic Race Bibs

It seems like a simple thing, but a race just isn’t official without your official race bib! These Billtmore Kiwanis Classic 15k/5k race bibs are designed with different colors designating the different race legs; green for 5k, and orange for 15k. This design provides the background and number styles of the bibs, another company actually prints…

Carolina Kids MultiSport Series Awards

Kids who participate in any or all six of the Carolina Kids MultiSport Series Events, designed and produced by iDaph Events, deserve something more fun, vibrant, and kid appropriate as an award for crossing the finish line. This variation on the series logo was designed for production in a flexible and slightly rubbery plastic that…

Frostbite Runner Bibs

Runners need a way to keep track and note their times. For those who don’t know, that’s why they wear these little numbered signs pinned to them. These feature top tier sponsors, and are printed to endure the rigors of a lengthy run. January 2014.

Pisgah Omnium Bike Race Awards

The Pisgah Omnium Races, are a series of bike races offered by iDaph Events, known for their unique boutique destination events. In keeping, I designed these placer and finisher award designs to be burned into wooden disk awards on front and back. June 2013.

High Rock Hideaway Notepads

Since everybody needs to jot a note fairly regularly, custom notepads were a make sense item for the guest cabins and as give aways. It gets brand presence spread easily and affordably. May 2012.

Grove Arcade Print Products

Grove Arcade’s Art and Heritage Gallery wanted their own products for customers and tourists. They contracted with several local artists to take photos and render illustrations of elements in their historic building, and came to me to set them into print ready files for postcards, art prints, and greeting cards. For the art prints and greeting…