Eye = Attention

Get professional visual help securing attention for and confidence in your brand. Well considered and applied graphics represent the simplest and most powerful instrument for communication by striking attention to your cause and conveying your message in an instant. Over 70% of all sensory information sent to the brain comes through the eyes! (except in…

See = Understand

Use experienced talent to convey your message for maximum comprehension. Grouping, hierarchy, and tangible correlation represent a few of the techniques, which in the hands of a talented professional, makes your outreach and brand presence efforts effective. G. Miller recognized that by organizing items into categorical unity, or chunks, we can stretch an apparent short-term…

View = Opinion

Leave a lasting impression on your audience and keep them coming back for more. Use every resource available to ensure your audience not only relates your intended message to your identity, but also that they associate your brand and call to action to themselves! the visual cortex, accounts for 50% of all brain function! Because of this,…

Lung Buster Time Trials Photo Editing

The Etowah 1 Time Trials, part of the Lung Buster Time Trial Series from iDaph Events, took a great photo of one of their participants at this years’ race. I photo edited the background to focus on the great face of the cyclist, and super imposed the race logo for consistent branding and race recognition….

Carolina Cycles Seasonal Ads

Sometimes you need a little customized seasonal promotion… like carolina Cycle Centers did for their Thanksgiving and Christmas season. November 2013.


The Asheville Marathon & Half at Biltmore Estate uses ImAthlete to register 1400 full and half marathon athletes for their elite boutique race. I created this skin for their registration page, which showcases runners on the beautiful grounds of the Biltmore Estate and the iconic house for which the property is such an attraction. November…

Double Trouble Cookies

A couple cousins with entrepreneurial spirit. I edited a family vacation photo to look like they were standing with a cookie. That became the basis for their new Etsy banner and avatar. February 2013.

Funky Mutt Facebook Profile

Funky Mutt wanted to expand their new brand to their Facebook page and shop as well as their Etsy about page! Product photo cutouts serve to showcase the wares, custom illustration creates brand aesthetic and along with dog photo conveys the combo of dog collars and camera straps. Branded selected lifestyle photos for use in…

From Natures View Etsy Shop Banner

This Etsy shop banner is straight forward, but unique in it’s effective simplicity. Wood products showcased, a little typography, and viola! Etsy shop banner made to order! February 2013.

Grandma Kathie’s Cuties Etsy Shop Set

Katherine Loftis, owner of Grandma Kathie’s Cuties, needed a fresh design for her Etsy Shop banner and avatar, which using my *ahem* excellent design skills to showcase Kathie’s superb work. She also deserved a custom reserved listing page, as I’m sure she gets tons of custom orders!  Read more about it on my GomiConstruction blog….