Brother Wolf Billboards

This non-profit had some serious agendas for their precious billboard time (electronic billboard with rotating messages). September 2014

Asheville Marathon & Half Expo Banners

Large format banners to draw attention to this destination event at the Biltmore Estate when presenting the Asheville Marathon & Half at various race expos across the country. February 2014

Asheville Marathon & Half Parking Hangtags

There’s a lot that goes into making such a prestigious race run smoothly. One of these things is clearly marked parking passes for volunteers and event staff. Can’t have them worrying about their cars while their focusing on racer satisfaction, now can we?! The bright colors make them visible inside car windows. February 2014

Pisgah Omnium Banners & Signs

It’s not a race without a little branding on the street! Pisgah Omnium, by iDaph Events, proudly takes to the streets of Western North Carolina three times a year, and marks their presence with start/finish banners, awards photo backdrop and more! July 2014.

Asheville Marathon & Half Expo Booth

Banners to make the Asheville Marathon & Half stand out at race expo’s all over the country. They needed to covey the prestige and luxury of this race at the Biltmore Estate, at first glance, while maintaining the branding requirements of both the race and the destination. October 2013.

Pisgah Bike Omnium Finish Banner

If you don’t have a finish banner at the end of a race, cyclist will never stop pedaling! That’s why I created this very large format, 20′ long, banner with race logo and graphics as well as presenting and supporting sponsors to mark the end of the long personal challenge for each and every bicyclist….

Carolina Cinemas Signage

The newly built Carolina Cinemas Boutique Movie Theater in Asheville, NC needed a graphic specialist to design .eps templates for a metal CNC machine to create signs for the Lounge and each numbered theater. The design I created is in keeping with the funky, artistic vibe of the location. Designed May 2009.