FlockSpring Website Map and Wireframe

Organizing the concept into a comprehensive site map and laying out the basic user interface wireframe and some of the style and icons. October 2013

Vacation Rental Emporium Website

This virtual emporium of customizable products for vacation rental business owners needed a clean and easy to navigate interface. All of the custom product images on the pages were also created by me to demonstrate brand identity placement. Created between April and October 2012.

Smoky Mountain Design Website

Any business benefits from a website. This one tells about the artist and showcases the whole portfolio of fine and rustic furniture creations. Created November 2009.

21st Century Book Series Website

Taking a look back through my design files, I stumbled upon this gem from back in the day, a whole series of book covers with a coordinating website to showcase each book and the series as a whole. Created November 2001.

No Sweat Marathon Website

After designing their logo, No Sweat Marathon asked me to take a stab at designing a creative and user friendly interface for their website. Using the logo elements as a launching point I created a main page and all subpages a well as story page templates and icons to go with everything. The site is…