Interior Hallway Graphite Drawing

Created by hand with only graphite pencils and a lot of time, this detailed drawing of an interior hallway demonstrates an understanding of skills with perspective, light and shadows, and observation. July 2001

Impact! Illustrations

Illustration and set of characters representing a wide variety of people for office place collateral. September 2001

21st Century Book Series Website

Taking a look back through my design files, I stumbled upon this gem from back in the day, a whole series of book covers with a coordinating website to showcase each book and the series as a whole. Created November 2001.

Ground Works: Invitation Postcards

Created in 2001 for Kimberly Maruska’s gallery showing of her astounding collection of photographic works on the body in nature. Utilizing leftover test prints, the postcard mimics the bands found on film strips while conveying all the necessary information for the opening. The waste of her diligence became treasured prints to each invitation recipient. The postcards…