Homeschool High School Diploma

Home school kids need recognition and celebration of their accomplishments too. I had the honor of helping Fleta make a special diploma for her graduating home-schooled daughter. Designed on the computer, and hand-rendered traced for final delivery.  June 2005.

Mardi Gras Party Poster and Invitations

Okay, so it wasn’t really Mardi Gras, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it anyway, just like Scott and Marcy. The party was being held at a commercial location, and the couple wanted posters and invitations that matched the theme. Mardi Gras February 2005.

Burns Realty Advertisement

Wanda Burns wanted a fun and creative ad to publish in her local paper. Black and white with a cute illustration of her marketing phrase “Have you gotten a little too big for your crib?” I illustrated a baby stuffed into a crib, obviously needing a little more room, and set in on a undulating…

Moonbeam Jewelry Business Card

Carol Eder-Smith, amazingly talented silversmith, wanted a simply stunning business card to display in her jewelry case that reflected her style. I photo edited a picture of an incredible necklace, overlaid it onto a simple striped background, and typeset her information in the color reflective of her jewelry. Created September 2005.

Grove Arcade Print Products

Grove Arcade’s Art and Heritage Gallery wanted their own products for customers and tourists. They contracted with several local artists to take photos and render illustrations of elements in their historic building, and came to me to set them into print ready files for postcards, art prints, and greeting cards. For the art prints and greeting…

No Good and the Trainwrecks Band Sticker

For a big going away show and party, No Good and the Trainwrecks wanted a sticker to place on all their gear and hand out to their fans. It had to match their vibe, and have one and two color options. The liquor bottle emblazoned with their band name not only made for a great…

Mother Earth Spirit Gifts Magnets

Art Blue, so pleased with his new logo, contacted me to create promotional magnets he could give away as promotion to potential customers and as a gift to existing patrons.  I based the magnets on his amazing collages, integrating the elements of his logo into the already earth-based imagery he produced. The effect was delightful….

Decorative CNC Shelf Bracket

A Portland, OR based home products company landed a contract to produce decorative shelf brackets for a home decor company. They needed a bracket design that could be produced on a CNC machine. Based on their style requests and factoring in all the manufacturing requirements, I created this bracket design. Created March 2005.