Ohio Airport Tshirts

The Ohio Airport gift shop was so impressed with the sales of my shirt designs at the Asheville that they ordered some just for them. October 2007.

Blue Smoke Coffee Long Sleeves and Hoodies

Well when winter comes around, and t-shirts won’t cut the chill, a good organic hemp/cotton blend long sleeve shirt and, or complimenting bamboo full zip hoodie will keep employees and favorite customers as warm and eco friendly as the coffee they sell. October 2007.

Charlotte Street Animal Hospital Business and Appointment Card

Charlotte Street Animal Hospital was ready for a redesign of their business card, I suggested that they incorporate their appointment card into the same printing to streamline everything. Using their colors and logo, I designed an effective business card with appointment form on the back. Printed August 2007.

Beecher Town Gifts & Crafts Business Card

A well trafficked country store needed a business card. I created this using various stock photography, selected specifically to give them and rustic-yet-professional feel. Simple typesetting in a western style font, and a little bow because they sell lots of items for gifts. Printed August 2007.

The Finisher Business Card

Woodworker and handyman needed a business card to hand out to clients, something simple and distinguished that gave a flavor to what he offers. Created August 2007.

Blue Smoke Coffee Advertisements

Blue Smoke Coffee had a logo, brochure and shirts, but what is a company without a little marketing? I designed three ads for them, one web banner ad, and two print ads for different publications. The trick is fitting all the necessary information into a small space but still have it look clean and legible….

Blue Smoke Coffee Brochure

Blue Smoke Coffee needed a brochure to showcase their amazing sustainably grown and harvested coffee. This try-fold brochure in full color features their six coffee blends and special teas as well as their 100% organic, fair trade and shade grown policy and other green initiatives which the company takes the time and effort to practice….

Halton Rocker Wedding Invitations

A very special day for Jesse Halton and Christine Rocker called for very special wedding invitations. Tri-fold, self mailing, full color. Photo edited wedding rings and custom landscape illustration in beautiful sunset colors. Printed April 2007.