Nona Mia Store Front

I create a design project for myself every now and again. Here I took a picture of a local favorite restaurant, redesigned the face of the restaurant, and created a postcards out of it for their post construction re-opening! Gotta stay sharp! November 2011.

Book Illustrations

Hired to develop the illustration spread for a collaboration handbook. Here’s a peek at the landscape backgrounds. Four quarters clockwise from top left: Hill Country, Forest, Fertile Plain, Marshland. June 2011.

Good Therapy Social Media Marketing

Good Therapy is an online service company who makes the most of social and web marketing. I jumped onboard to help produce their Facebook media blitz of illustrated quotes all bearing the branding of Good Therapy. Created between October and December of 2011.

Good Therapy Promotional Postcards

Good Therapy, an online therapy resource organization, wanted sophisticated yet playful promotional postcards to send to prospective therapist members. These were created for and sent to targeted recipients. May through June 2011.