Love it Cards

Small designs, specifically made for gay pride theme. Meant to support gay pride. We hope no one is offended. June 2012

High Rock Hideaway Video

Slideshow style video, story boards, layout, editing, and addition of music and sound effects all came together to make this inviting and informative video that makes you want to put your feet up on the porch of any of these log cabins! Produced April 2012.

Good Therapy Social Media Marketing

2012 was a big year for social media marketing at Good Therapy. Here are a few samples of the tons of custom Facebook posts I created for them. January through December 2012.

Vacation Rental Emporium Website

This virtual emporium of customizable products for vacation rental business owners needed a clean and easy to navigate interface. All of the custom product images on the pages were also created by me to demonstrate brand identity placement. Created between April and October 2012.

High Rock Hideaway Wine Labels

High Rock Hideaway, a luxury log cabin vacation getaway, provides a bottle of wine for guests with each stay. They don’t produce their own wine, but wanted the feel and personal touch as if they did. I measured all the wine labels in the local grocery store and designed a label for each red and…

High Rock Hideaway Notepads

Since everybody needs to jot a note fairly regularly, custom notepads were a make sense item for the guest cabins and as give aways. It gets brand presence spread easily and affordably. May 2012.

High Rock Hideaway Guest Services Collateral

Once we had the logo buttoned up it was time to update the guest services collateral. We designed fancy three-ring binder covers to hold a raft of easy to update and interchangeable informational pages that I also organized and updated for the best guest experience. We also designed matching guest messages books! Created April 2012.