iDaph Events updated Icons and Profiles

iDaph Events periodically needs to update or add graphics to stay up to date with the latest promotional opportunities afforded by social media outlets… graphics are a big part of making these branded efforts a successful portion of promoting the company and it’s multi sport events. November and December 2013

6 Rules to Work Space System Serenity

Edited provided copy and organized in a graphically pleasing layout as a freebie promotional item for System Serenity consulting company. November 2013

Asheville Marathon & Half Hotel and Shuttle Maps and Icons

The Asheville Marathon & Half partners with local hotels to provide convenient rooms near the Biltmore Estate race location. They also arranged to provide shuttle transportation for hotel guests and those participants wishing to purchase a ticket so they can focus on the race instead of traffic. This map and these logos help people recognize…

Asheville Marathon & Half Countdown Posts

Social media can be a powerful promotional tool, even when you’re not selling something. Such is the case for the Asheville Marathon & Half, who had filled all of their limited entry spots in the 2014 race, but they still made good use of the promotional splash that came from these graphically branded countdown promotional banners….

LPC Triathlon logo and banner

iDaph Events produces the LPC Triathlon, and for 2014 were going retro, so this logo and website banner showcases the event, location, and other race details in a retro-fantastic design. October 2013

Asheville Marathon & Half Expo Booth

Banners to make the Asheville Marathon & Half stand out at race expo’s all over the country. They needed to covey the prestige and luxury of this race at the Biltmore Estate, at first glance, while maintaining the branding requirements of both the race and the destination. October 2013.

Asheville Marathon & Half VIP packages

The prestigious 2014 Asheville Marathon & Half at Biltmore Estate decided to offer custom VIP packages for a luxurious race experience. Package name, and branding elements designed and produced to convey the luxe notion with terminology appropriate to the destination and event. November 2013.


Race partner, and running experts, Chi-Running created custom designed training packages for beginner and intermediate participants who were either local or coming from a long distance. Package Badges and a Chi-Training Call to Action button. September 2013


The Asheville Marathon & Half at Biltmore Estate takes it’s sponsors seriously, with good cause, as they make this elite destination event a possibility! Two generous sponsors were highlighted and shared with the racing community through these special custom promotions which were shared on social media, the and websites, as well as via…


The Lung Buster Time Trials consist of 5 cycling events, three road races, and two grueling hill climbs. That’s what makes the end of season celebration all the more sweet for those athletes with the grit to participate! This pizza and beer celebration was highlighted in the invitation with a beer background and pizza wheels…