Online ads for google and face book application for Carolina Cycle Centers. All these ads are designed to make their target audience see themselves interacting with the merchandise and wanting it. December 2013.

Good Therapy Social Media Marketing

Good Therapy is an online service company who makes the most of social and web marketing. I jumped onboard to help produce their Facebook media blitz of illustrated quotes all bearing the branding of Good Therapy. Created between October and December of 2011.

Addicted to Scrapbooking Full Page Ad

Addicted to Scrapbooking, a company based out of Washington State, wanted a fun and interactive full page ad for placement in an upcoming publication. I designed and illustrated this full color magazine ad to emulate a “Where’s Waldo” but with my original “Crafty Carla”. Effectively an activities poster! Finished June 2010.

Smoky Mountain Design Print Ads

Three creative ads all featuring the story and work of Smoky Mountain Design Woodcraft. One ad was specifically created for the holiday season. I did the staging and photography of the selected photos featuring the artists’ work. August – December 2009

Blue Smoke Coffee Advertisements

Blue Smoke Coffee had a logo, brochure and shirts, but what is a company without a little marketing? I designed three ads for them, one web banner ad, and two print ads for different publications. The trick is fitting all the necessary information into a small space but still have it look clean and legible….

Burns Realty Advertisement

Wanda Burns wanted a fun and creative ad to publish in her local paper. Black and white with a cute illustration of her marketing phrase “Have you gotten a little too big for your crib?” I illustrated a baby stuffed into a crib, obviously needing a little more room, and set in on a undulating…

Woolworth Walk Print Ad

Woolworth Walk Gallery wanted a small, colorful ad to publish in a local paper. Working with previously designed imagery, I developed this small, but effective ad to draw attention and maintain cohesion. Published October 2004.