Pisgah Omnium Race Poster

A complicated series of races, The Pisgah Omnum Bike Series, with many divisions and categories, this poster had to clearly encompass it all, and be attractive too! June 2014


The Lung Buster Time Trials consist of 5 cycling events, three road races, and two grueling hill climbs. That’s what makes the end of season celebration all the more sweet for those athletes with the grit to participate! This pizza and beer celebration was highlighted in the invitation with a beer background and pizza wheels…

Pisgah Bike Omnium Finish Banner

If you don’t have a finish banner at the end of a race, cyclist will never stop pedaling! That’s why I created this very large format, 20′ long, banner with race logo and graphics as well as presenting and supporting sponsors to mark the end of the long personal challenge for each and every bicyclist….

Pisgah Omnium Banners & Branding

The Pisgah Omnium came to me as a series of bike races with a logo already. I expanded upon the existing branding, driving the message along with web banners and other online media. June 2013.