Double Trouble Cookies

A couple cousins with entrepreneurial spirit. I edited a family vacation photo to look like they were standing with a cookie. That became the basis for their new Etsy banner and avatar. February 2013.

From Natures View Etsy Shop Banner

This Etsy shop banner is straight forward, but unique in it’s effective simplicity. Wood products showcased, a little typography, and viola! Etsy shop banner made to order! February 2013.

Grandma Kathie’s Cuties Etsy Shop Set

Katherine Loftis, owner of Grandma Kathie’s Cuties, needed a fresh design for her Etsy Shop banner and avatar, which using my *ahem* excellent design skills to showcase Kathie’s superb work. She also deserved a custom reserved listing page, as I’m sure she gets tons of custom orders!  Read more about it on my GomiConstruction blog….