Double Trouble Cookies

A couple cousins with entrepreneurial spirit. I edited a family vacation photo to look like they were standing with a cookie. That became the basis for their new Etsy banner and avatar. February 2013.

Funky Mutt Facebook Profile

Funky Mutt wanted to expand their new brand to their Facebook page and shop as well as their Etsy about page! Product photo cutouts serve to showcase the wares, custom illustration creates brand aesthetic and along with dog photo conveys the combo of dog collars and camera straps. Branded selected lifestyle photos for use in…

Homeschool High School Diploma

Home school kids need recognition and celebration of their accomplishments too. I had the honor of helping Fleta make a special diploma for her graduating home-schooled daughter. Designed on the computer, and hand-rendered traced for final delivery.  June 2005.

Daily Planet Newspaper Header Redesign

Quick redesign of the header of a newspaper to stay in keeping with the comic book reference but integrate the tagline and hold it’s own. Here is the redesigned version as well as the original. October 2004.

Book Illustrations

Hired to develop the illustration spread for a collaboration handbook. Here’s a peek at the landscape backgrounds. Four quarters clockwise from top left: Hill Country, Forest, Fertile Plain, Marshland. June 2011.

More For Less Publishing Book Cover

Pocket guide book cover designed as a template for easy updating to each new location for More for Less Publishing. Background image I photographed of my own behind. Photoshop filters and Illustrator magic to finish the cover design. June 2003