Carolina Kid’s MultiSport Celebration & Awards

Carolina Kid’s MultiSport Series end of series party and awards celebration invitation and achievement certificates to celebrate the kids accomplishment with other proud parents. August 2013

Mardi Gras Party Poster and Invitations

Okay, so it wasn’t really Mardi Gras, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it anyway, just like Scott and Marcy. The party was being held at a commercial location, and the couple wanted posters and invitations that matched the theme. Mardi Gras February 2005.

4th Annual Art Hop Poster

Second place design in the fourth annual Art Hop poster competition in Portland, OR. I could have won if I hadn’t depicted only rain for the Shelter themed Art Hop. Live and learn! It’s a good education, and second place isn’t anything to huff about! Submitted in March, 2003.

Ground Works: Invitation Postcards

Created in 2001 for Kimberly Maruska’s gallery showing of her astounding collection of photographic works on the body in nature. Utilizing leftover test prints, the postcard mimics the bands found on film strips while conveying all the necessary information for the opening. The waste of her diligence became treasured prints to each invitation recipient. The postcards…