Graphics are an important way to grab attention and convey special deals to your social network. This great photo and clever text served to be the highest ranking post on the LPC Tri Facebook page of all time, at that time. August 2013.


The Leila Patterson Center Triathlon, produced by iDaph Events, wanted a new custom race tee which had an “impressionistic” look for the art on the front. Using the years’ theme colors, I designed and illustrated the following t-shirt, which was met with great acclaim at the race. August 2013

LPC Retro Tri Rack Card

Smaller than a poster, easier to put in a purse or bag. If the idea is spreading the word within your local community, or if you have representatives that will need something to hand out to people to increase awareness, the rack card is often the perfect size and amount of information without boring people…

Frostbite Race Tee

Almost time for the Frostbite Races, and the opportunity, nay, necessity of creating a comfy long-sleeved race tee for the cold running season was evident. Hence his Mock up, which shows the penguin, plus a few snowflakes for it to gaze up at. February 2014.

Frostbite Event Map

With the new race location at the Lelia Patterson Center, came the need for a new map, so I used all my photo editing and illustrating skills to put together an easy to ready and beautiful to look at race map that would guide participants through their chosen leg of a 10k, 5k, or 1…

LPC Retro Tri Race Hub Maps

Completely redesigned version of last years maps, the 2014 race hub and all the specific course maps reflect the LPC Triathlon’s new Retro status and sanctioning from USA Triathlon, as well as some new courses and course changes. And what map would be complete without a killer key? October 2013.

LPC Retro Tri Registration Skin

The background, or skin, of the registration site needed and deserved a facelift. As a location where participants spend a good deal of time confirming their registration and selecting their particular preferences, it was important to take the opportunity to reinforce brand recognition as well as evoke a sense of yearning for the event itself….