Travel Mug Skin

Done as a gift for my mother, this custom photo montage highlights edited elements from her travels and beloved family member on an object she ALWAYS has with her. August 2014

LPC Retro Triathlon Social Media Posts

When you want to go viral, fun social media posts to promote your event, like the 2014 LPC Retro Triathlon by iDaph Events, is the way to go! We can do it! June 2014

Asheville Marathon & Half Charity Partner Promotions

The Asheville Marathon & Half welcomes two to three charity organizations every year. These lucky groups get spots in the full or half to entice people to fundraise on their behalves and run in their name. Promotions for these partners and buttons and badges to help them get people to sign up are supplied. November…


The Lung Buster Time Trials consist of 5 cycling events, three road races, and two grueling hill climbs. That’s what makes the end of season celebration all the more sweet for those athletes with the grit to participate! This pizza and beer celebration was highlighted in the invitation with a beer background and pizza wheels…

iDaph Events PR Bell Promotion

iDaph Events designs and produces a lot of races. To make the running portions of their events a little more engaging and satisfying for participants, they added a bell to the end of the run courses so that if runners finish the length of the race in a personal record time, they ring the bell…

Lung Buster Time Trials Photo Editing

The Etowah 1 Time Trials, part of the Lung Buster Time Trial Series from iDaph Events, took a great photo of one of their participants at this years’ race. I photo edited the background to focus on the great face of the cyclist, and super imposed the race logo for consistent branding and race recognition….

FAMOUS LAST WORDS Book Cover Concept

This is a mock up design concept for a book cover for a novel about a stalker, titled “Famous Last Words: If I can’t have you, no one else will”. The image of the girl was provided, and the concept of words in the steam of the mirror and with lipstick was my execution. May…

Idaph Events Gift Certificates

What business doesn’t benefit from offering gift certificates? It’s another revenue source, as well as promotional. I designed two for iDaph Events, one for year-round use, and a non-denominational, but Christmas inspired, seasonal Gift Certificate that’s equally ready for corporate gifts and stocking stuffers. Designed to be printed and mailed in an envelope. December 2013.