iDaph Events Race Towel

Branded with the iDaph Events logo, this simple towel design was crated as a great give away. Scroll down. there’s art there… promise. May 2014

Carolina Kids MultiSport Series Awards

Kids who participate in any or all six of the Carolina Kids MultiSport Series Events, designed and produced by iDaph Events, deserve something more fun, vibrant, and kid appropriate as an award for crossing the finish line. This variation on the series logo was designed for production in a flexible and slightly rubbery plastic that…

Pisgah Omnium Bike Race Awards

The Pisgah Omnium Races, are a series of bike races offered by iDaph Events, known for their unique boutique destination events. In keeping, I designed these placer and finisher award designs to be burned into wooden disk awards on front and back. June 2013.

Ohio Airport Tshirts

The Ohio Airport gift shop was so impressed with the sales of my shirt designs at the Asheville that they ordered some just for them. October 2007.

Gay Pride Ts

Gay pride week in Asheville and the retail store at the airport wanted sophisticated and hand made pride shirts to sell to the traveling proud. I devised this block print and the rainbow printing method to fill their design needs. September 2006.

Blue Smoke Coffee Long Sleeves and Hoodies

Well when winter comes around, and t-shirts won’t cut the chill, a good organic hemp/cotton blend long sleeve shirt and, or complimenting bamboo full zip hoodie will keep employees and favorite customers as warm and eco friendly as the coffee they sell. October 2007.

High Rock Hideaway Wine Labels

High Rock Hideaway, a luxury log cabin vacation getaway, provides a bottle of wine for guests with each stay. They don’t produce their own wine, but wanted the feel and personal touch as if they did. I measured all the wine labels in the local grocery store and designed a label for each red and…

Grove Arcade Print Products

Grove Arcade’s Art and Heritage Gallery wanted their own products for customers and tourists. They contracted with several local artists to take photos and render illustrations of elements in their historic building, and came to me to set them into print ready files for postcards, art prints, and greeting cards. For the art prints and greeting…