iDaph Events WordPress Website Refresh

Hired on to help refresh and optimize the iDaph Events website, based in WordPress, for the inspiring and awesome company founder, Daphne Kirkwood. or the website we’ve re-ogranized the information flow for greater user interface, added more brand consistent and refined rotating banner images, pluged-in widgets for placing shop items in pages and getting folks…

Vacation Rental Emporium Website

This virtual emporium of customizable products for vacation rental business owners needed a clean and easy to navigate interface. All of the custom product images on the pages were also created by me to demonstrate brand identity placement. Created between April and October 2012.

21st Century Book Series Website

Taking a look back through my design files, I stumbled upon this gem from back in the day, a whole series of book covers with a coordinating website to showcase each book and the series as a whole. Created November 2001.

Woolworth Walk Inventory Sheets

Woolworth Walk, a 20,000 square foot fine arts gallery, was plagued with confusion amongst it’s artists when it came to inventory records and price tags. Woolworth provided hanging price labels to it’s artists, but none of the terms on the tags matched the terms on their antiquated inventory forms. We worked to systemize and brand…